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Let's talk about the ultimate fashion statement on the ski slopes: the panther print ski suit! Who hasn't always dreamed of frolicking around like a chic panther while desperately trying to ski?

Imagine the scene: you're at the top of the slope, surrounded by neatly dressed skiers in their plain, understated colors. But then, here comes the panther, storming in with a striking, loud, and wild pattern. Oh yes, you will definitely stand out, like a strangely dressed flamingo among a flock of penguins!

The best part is that the panther print blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings of the snowy mountains. Because, as we all know, ski slopes are teeming with wild panthers casually roaming among the pine trees. What could be more logical than dressing up exactly like them? Who knows, maybe the real panthers will accept you as one of their own and welcome you into their pack!

But wait, there's more! Ski Suit Panther has a magical property: it immediately attracts the attention of every ski instructor nearby. They'll see you and think, "Oh, that's definitely the most talented skier I've ever seen!" Trust me, you've never seen such envious glances while you gracefully ski down the slope, or should I say, clumsily tumble down!

And of course, the ski suit is also highly practical. It's designed to regulate your body temperature, whether you like it or not. So when you're at the top of the slope, thinking you're feeling warm, don't worry. The panther print suit will transform you into a human sauna, so you can enjoy a spa experience even in the freezing conditions of the mountains!

And don't forget, this fashion icon is not just for skiing! Oh no, you can also wear it during après-ski. Imagine walking into the warm and cozy ski lodge, surrounded by other winter sports enthusiasts in their boring outfits. Then, you enter, like an elegant panther making her entrance into a herd of sheep. Everyone will choke on their mulled wine out of jealousy!

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to push the boundaries of winter sports fashion and be a trendsetter among skiers, the panther print ski suit is definitely your must-have garment. Forget all the classic ski outfits and embrace your inner wild side!

(Note: This text is purely intended for humor and contains exaggerations and sarcastic elements to create a funny effect. The choice to wear a panther print ski suit is entirely based on personal taste and style preferences.)


  • Our advice for people with a slim or normal posture:

S: 150-168 cm / 4’1″ – 5’6”
M: 168-178 cm / 5’6″ – 5’10”
L: 178-190 cm / 5’10″ – 6’3”
XL: 190-200 cm / 6’3″ – 6’7”
XXL: 190-210 cm / 6’3″ – 6’10”

  • A somewhat fuller build? Then order one size bigger to be sure!
  • All Funky Alps ski suits are UNISEX!

Not sure yet? Check out are size charts below. Note: These are the sizes of the ski suit itself!

Size chart in Feet / Inch

Length Suit (A) 5’2″ – 5’3” 5’4” – 5’5″ 5’9″ 5’11″ 6’0” – 6’1″
Chest (B) 36-40″ 40-44″ 44-47″ 47-50″ 50-52″
Waist (C) 28-36″ 36-42″ 42-45″ 45-48″ 48-52″

Size chart in CM

Length Suit (A) 158 163 175 180 185
Chest (B) 104 110 118 126 132
Waist (C) 93 98 114 123 130
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