Retro ski suit

Do you want to be the dude or crazy girl everyone talks about on the ski slopes this winter? A retro ski suit might be just what you need to stand out. Our collection of ski wear was specially thought of with people like you in mind. The Funky Alps ski suits have been uniquely designed to experience the best comfort and fit while donning some fabulous retro ski clothes. Wanna have a quick look at our collection?
Retro ski suit

Why buy a retro ski suit?

If you aren’t fully convinced of why you should buy retro ski wear, please let us have a go at changing your mind.

Retro ski wear doesn’t only look extremely fashionable in the Alps, it’s also the perfect outfit for a ski themed party. Please read on as we’ll give a detailed tour of the possibilities.
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Après ski wear

If you’re one of those people who care more about après ski than the actual skiing, a retro ski outfit is just what you need. With some flashy colours and a retro design you’ll be the focal point of the party.

But be careful! Weird conversations with strangers incoming.

Retro ski party outfit

A 90s ski jacket or 70s ski outfit are also brilliant ideas for a local après ski themed party. And to be honest, it doesn’t even need to be a ski-themed party. Retro ski suits work perfectly well for all sorts of fancy dress parties, 90s parties, crazy stag dos or office Christmas parties.

Shine on the snow

Our ski suits wouldn’t be real ski clothing if they couldn’t be used on the slopes, of course. The retro one-piece ski suits don’t only look fabulous, they also perform well thanks to the high-quality modern fabric.

The benefits of retro ski outfits are that you’ll easily be recognised by family and friends. You’ll stop losing track of each other as you race down the slopes.

If you’re not that talented yet, you might also benefit from wearing a colourful retro ski jacket. Thanks to the flashy colours, other skiers will see you from afar and they’ll have plenty of time to avoid a painful collision.

Retro ski suit models

Are you looking for a 90s ski jacket? Or do you prefer an 80s ski outfit? Have a look at our Funky Alps retro ski collection to find the ski suit of your dreams.

Keep in mind below recommendations for the best shopping experience.

Ski clothing parts

In our store, you’ll find both retro ski jackets and all-in-one ski suits in retro style.

Jackets are perfect to combine with different ski pants. Moreover, you can give your retro ski jacket a dual purpose and use it as a regular winter jacket as well. That would just be a tad harder with a ski suit, wouldn’t it? For the ladies, the benefit of a two-piece ski suit is quite obvious we believe.

One-piece retro ski suits, however, are better performers on the slopes. They’ll keep you warmer and you won’t be struggling with cold snow finding its way down your pants or up your shirt.

Don’t forget to complete your outfit with some retro ski accessories.
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Retro Ski Suit

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retro ski suit funkyalps

Ski wear sizes

At Funky Alps, gender doesn’t matter. Whether you’re looking for a womens or mens retro ski suit, we don’t care. We’re trying to avoid getting mixed up in gender debate, so we decided to make unisex retro ski suits.
Here’s an overview of our retro ski suit sizes:




150-168 cm

168-178 cm

178-190 cm

190-200 cm

190-210 cm
4'1" - 5'6"

5'6" - 5'10"

5'10" - 6'3"

6'3" - 6'7"

6'3" - 6'10"
*These are sizes for average people. When in doubt, buy a bigger size as the suits have a tight fit. For more detailed measures, see the product descriptions of our ski suits and jackets.
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Retro ski suit colours

What’s the final decision you need to make to buy a ski suit in retro style? Colour, of course.

Since we’re all about real disco-style retro ski clothes, all our pieces have flashy colours. Our all in one ski suits have yellow, blue or green main colours.

Secondary colours depend on the model of choice but we can already tell that you shouldn’t be surprised to find some pink details in most models. 

If you’re looking for that little something extra, you should definitely check out our specially designed retro après ski jacket with the most popular symbols of eighties fashion.
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retro ski suit funkyalps

How to wash your ski wear?

Once you’ve bought one of our retro ski suits, we want them to remain of top-quality for as long as possible. That’s why will give you a few quick washing tips.

Don’t worry about washing your retro ski suit with the rest of your clothes. However, you should be careful with the products you use. Fabric softeners may damage the waterproof fabric. Also check the washing instructions for more detailed information about other products you should avoid.

We recommend drying your vintage ski gear afterwards. The heat will reactivate the water-repelling qualities of your ski wear. For the best performance and to re-waterproof ski wear after many uses, apply wax or waterproof spray.
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Benefits of buying a new retro ski suit

Why should you buy a brand-new ski suit in retro style instead of a used one? Not carrying around other people’s dirty bacteria is one reason, but there are a few more benefits.

The Funky Alps retro ski suits and jackets look authentically retro but they are made with top-quality modern materials. Moreover, your choice isn’t restricted to what our people got bored of. In our online store, you can buy the size and colour of your choice.
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retro ski suit funkyalps

Where to buy retro ski wear?

If you buy your retro ski suit from our online collection, you can enjoy some extra benefits.

First of all, our ski wear is very affordable. On top of that, we offer free worldwide shipping. And if that weren’t enough, we’ll carefully package and send the ski suit to you as soon as you’ve placed your order. Check our average delivery times here.

See all available products below, more to come every year in October! Any suggestions or questions? Just let us now!
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How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We ship your item within 1-3 days after purchase. Delivery times provided by our carrier postNL are an estimation. We cannot be held responsable for delays. Most common delivery times:

The Netherlands: 1/2 working days

Belgium: 2/3 working days

Germany: 2/3 working days

Italy: 3/6 working days

France: 2/3 working days

Is there an option for express delivery?

No. We ship your order through the national Dutch PostNL postal service. They have agreements with local carriers for the delivery around the rest of the world. See our page delivery times for their expected delivery times. We cannot be held responsable for delays.

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please contact us directly at

Did you already received your order and you would like to return it, please let us know by email and do not forget to include the return flyer when returning the package. Return costs are for your own account and will not be covered by

How do I return a product?

To return a product, follow the instructions on our ‘Shipping & return policy’ page. Returns must be announced within 14 days after receiving the goods. For return from outside the European Union, we ask you to clearly state it concerns a return shipment.

Address for Returns:
Gessel 24
3454 MZ De Meern (Utrecht)
The Netherlands

What should I do if my order hasn't arrived?

Please check the delivery times on our website. If your order has a delay of more then three of four days, please contact us and we'll assist you in locating it.

Do you offer custom ski wear?

No, custom-designed products are not available at the moment. Nevertheless you’ll be unique in our epic skisuits. We only produce in low quantities.

Who should I contact for group orders?

For group orders of 10 suits or more, please email, and we'll be happy to assist you with your order.

Can I get a refund if the price of the item changes after purchase?

Yes, if the price is changed within 14 days after purchase we will give you a partial refund. Please feel free to contact us at:

What is the best way to wash a jacket or ski suit?

Hand or machine wash your jacket or ski suit at maximum 30 degrees using a waterproof clothing wash, available at most supermarkets. You can also use a normal detergent and then spray the skisuit with a waterproof spray after the suit or jacket has completely dried. Never use a fabric softener!


Lizette Kouwenhoven
Lizette Kouwenhoven
May 13, 2024
Super kwaliteit en snelle levering van mijn skipak!
Maarten Dijck
Maarten Dijck
February 15, 2024
Wat een ontzettend flitsend retro skipak! Niet alleen kreeg ik eindeloze complimenten op de piste over m'n outfit maar zelfs in de apresskibar stal ik de show! Naast de esthetiek is het ook nog eens top qua functionaliteit, de gehele skivakantie (inclusief -20 graden Celsius) heb ik het niet koud gehad! Een echte aanrader dus.
Michiel de Kloet
Michiel de Kloet
February 2, 2024
Amazing colourful suits and great service! Thnx guys!
Pim Dek
Pim Dek
February 25, 2020
5 stars for this amazing skisuit!
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