Vintage ski suit

Looking for a brand-new vintage ski suit to shine next winter? Funky Alps is where you’ll find the
vintage ski outfit you’ve always dreamt off.

Don’t settle for the old worn-off vintage ski clothes you can find on second-hand websites or stores. Buy something better. Our vintage skiwear is specially designed for people like you. We combine unmatched vintage styles with modern, top-quality materials.

Why don’t you have a look at our collection?

Why buy a vintage ski suit?

Are you wondering why you should buy a vintage ski suit? While you shouldn’t, really, as vintage skiwear is the best. However, we’ll give you some benefits of vintage ski clothing to clear all doubts.

Vintage ski suits look sick. They are old school and fashionable at the same time. Moreover, they serve many purposes.

You can wear your vintage ski suit for an après ski in 80s style or to go to a ski party. Or how about being the king of the hill in the Alps next skiing season? We’re sure no one will top our colourful one-piece ski suits.

Après ski wear

Après ski in style, that’s what we’re about. Whether you’re looking for 70s après ski wear, 
colourful 80s ski wear or the perfect après ski party outfit, we’ve got just what you need.

Après ski is a lot more than having some hot chocolate after a tiresome day on the slopes. It’s about socialising, standing out, making fun. And what’s better to stand out in the crowd than a beautiful vintage ski suit?

Ski party outfit

Fortunately, you don’t always have to go to Les Deux Alpes, Whistler Blackcomb or Park City in Utah to wear a fashionable ski outfit. What about a local après ski themed party in your neighbourhood to shine with a flashy vintage ski suit?

Our 80s ski party outfit is just what you need to be the focal point of the party. And please do wear our ski outfit for your local ski party. We’re sure we’ll have loads of orders coming in after you’ve shown off our must-have vintage ski suit. So thanks in advance for showing off your remarkable taste.

Shine on the ice

Of course, our vintage ski clothing also works on all the beautifully white ski slopes around the world. The whiter the snow, the more you’ll stand out with your bright yellow Funky Alps ski suit.

If yellow isn’t really your thing, we’ve also got blue and green. Different colours, same style.

Vintage ski suit models

Before you buy a ski suit, you’ve got to be well aware of the model you’re buying.

Take into account the different parts of a ski outfit and mind the style. Moreover, you should be aware of the sizes.

Ski clothing parts

First up, the clothing parts. You’ve basically got two choices: a one-piece ski suit or a ski jacket and snow pants.

While one-piece ski suits obviously are a bit warmer and more waterproof, separate pieces also have their benefits. With a ski jacket and pants, it’s easier to remove a layer when it gets to hot in the après ski. Moreover, bathroom stops are a whole lot easier — especially for the ladies.

Ski wear sizes

As all clothing, ski suits exist in different sizes. Usually clothes are divided by the sexes as well, but to us, it’s all the same. All our ski suits are unisex. So if you want a mens vintage ski suit and your girl wants a ladies ski jacket, buy both and share! 

Here’s an overview of our ski suit sizes:


150-168 cm

4’1″ – 5’6”


168-178 cm

5’6″ – 5’10”


178-190 cm

5’10″ – 6’3”


190-200 cm

6’3″ – 6’7”


190-210 cm

6’3″ – 6’10”

*These are sizes for average people. When in doubt, buy a bigger size as the suits have a tight fit. For more detailed measures, see the product descriptions of our ski suits and jackets.

Styles of ski suits

Funky Alps has a few styles of vintage ski suits. Whether you’re looking for a mens vintage ski suit, a 70s ski jacket or an 80s ski outfit, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for in our collections.

If not, do let us know what you’re looking for. Perhaps we can take your wishes into account for our next collections.

How to wash your ski kit?

Once you’ve made the excellent decision of buying one of our vintage ski suits, we want them to remain of top-quality for as long as possible. That’s why will give you some quick washing tips.

It’s fine to wash your ski outfit with the rest of your clothes. However, you must be careful with the products you use. Avoid fabric softeners and check the washing instructions for more detailed information about other products you should avoid.

Afterwards, dry your vintage ski gear. The heat will reactivate the waterproof elements of your ski clothing. For the best water-repelling performance we recommend using ski wear wax or spray.

Where to buy vintage ski wear?

Funky Alps is the best place to buy your vintage ski outfit. Once you’ve selected your favourite design from our collection, the ski wear will be carefully packed and sent on the day of your order. Thanks to our free worldwide shipping you don’t have to worry about annoying shipping fees. We’ve got you covered.

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